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Free access to UL Standards

UL product certification customers can now have free online access to UL Standards materials. All of UL’s Standards and Outlines of Investigations will be available online through a dedicated Web site at www.ULstandards.com.

We believe that customers will appreciate the ease and convenience of being able to access any UL Standard that applies to their products.

At this new Web site, UL customers can:

  • View UL Standards materials including all current editions, revisions and proposals of UL Standards for Safety and Outlines of Investigations in HTML format

  • Download and print the above mentioned UL Standards material in Adobe® PDF format

  • Add other UL Standards users within your companies

  • Set up a customized library of Standards specific to your business and receive e-mail notification of all updates, including revisions and proposals, to those Standards

All other users of UL Standards can still purchase their Standards materials at www.comm-2000.com.

UL started to reach out to its customers since January to invite them to register to the site. UL Logo

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