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Network Access License (NAL) Approval

The Network Access License (NAL) Approval is a mandatory requirement for telecom products covered by the NAL product categories announced by China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII). MII governs the Measures for Administration of Interconnection of Public Telecommunications Networks in China, which administers the country's telecommunications certification regime.

Product categories
On June 25, 2001, the first product category of NAL Approval was released. It regulates 28 types of telecom products that are divided into the two main groups of regular equipment and high-end equipment. All regulated telecom products must obtain the NAL Approval before entering the China market. MII's NAL Certification Center is currently the only authorized certification organization to process NAL Approval applications.

In China, there are only 14 laboratories designated by MII to perform testing for the NAL Approval, and each of which focuses on specific types of products. It is important to note that not all of these labs have the accreditation of the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA). This is because CNCA and MII are administering two different certification systems.

Types of NAL Approval application
There are four main types of NAL approval application:
• New application for regular equipment;
• New application for high-end equipment;
• Equipment modification; and
• Certificate renewal application.

Steps for obtaining the NAL Approval
STEP 1 - Submission of Application
The applicant for the NAL Approval must be a legal entity located in Mainland China. For overseas enterprises and those located in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, the applicant for the NAL Approval can be its branch office located in Mainland China or an authorized after-sales company.
STEP 2 - Testing

Testing must be performed by one of the 14 MII-accredited labs in China. Or under special arrangement, testing can be conducted in the applicant's facilities under the supervision and witness of a MII-accredited lab.

Some telecom products are subject to both NAL Approval and CCC Certification. To avoid repeated testing, applicants are advised to apply for the NAL Approval first before CCC Certification. This is because a certain part of NAL test results can be used for CCC Certification.

STEP 3 - Quality Audit

MII's NAL Certification Center is not ready for conducting on-site quality audit for factories located outside Mainland China. Therefore factories located outside Mainland China need to have a valid ISO 9000 Certificate in order to apply for NAL Approval.

Also, MII's NAL Certification Center is not ready for conducting on-site quality audit for all the factories located within Mainland China. Only some factories located within Mainland China would receive on-site quality audit through NAL Certification Center. All the factories located within Mainland China shall have the valid ISO 9000 Certificate.

STEP 4 - Issuance of Approval Certificate

UL-CCIC's Agency Services help you obtain NALApproval

UL-CCIC, UL's joint venture company in China, offers bundled agency services to help telecom products manufacturers to obtain both the NAL Approval and CCC Certification. UL-CCIC's well-established relationships with various Chinese government agencies, certification bodies and testing labs enable it to substantially speed up your NAL Approval and CCC Certification application.

UL-CCIC provides you with:
  • Provision of information on the NAL scheme, such as application requirements, procedures and process;
  • Application for the NAL Approval on your behalf;
  • Coordination and follow-up with Chinese certification bodies and testing labs to expedite your NAL Approval application process; and
  • Corresponding with test laboratories to assist in resolving technical issues that involve client's products.
  • Coordination of the customs clearance process.UL Logo

Useful facts for applying the NAL Approval
Certification Cost (i) Testing fee is determined and charged by the testing lab.
(ii) Other fees, such as the expert panel appraisal costs for high-end equipment, might be charged by MII's NAL Certification Center.
Turnaround Time The entire application process may take several weeks to
several months to complete. It is recommended that NAL
applicants employ an approval expert to discuss, negotiate
and speed up the whole process with the NAL Certification
Center as well as the testing lab.
Validity of a NAL Approval Normally for three years.
Manufacturers should note that application for renewal
should be made at least three months prior to the expiration of the NAL Approval.
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