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讓 UL 引以為傲的是與世界分享New Science。透過在四大基礎領域內進行基本探索、測試方法、軟體以及標準,新科技帶來的創新成果向我們展示了讓世界變得更安全的重要方式。

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Standards update

Transition of legacy Audio/Video Equipment standards to ANSI/UL 60065 Seventh Edition and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60065-2003 + Amendment 1:2006 (updated March 2012)

UL’s Bulletin distributed in May 2009 announced a May 1, 2012 Effective Date for requirements in UL 60065, seventh edition and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60065:2003 + Amendment 1:2006 together with the withdrawal of our legacy audio/video standards: UL 469, UL 813, UL 1492, and UL 6500.

UL is suspending the May 1, 2012 Effective Date and establishing a new date that is To Be Determined (TBD) as a result of our review and consideration of several factors:

• The recommended IEC Technical Committee TC 108 transition schedule from IEC 60065 to IEC 62368-1 has become better defined and may occur in the 2018 timeframe;
• Considering the transition plan, a new eighth edition of IEC 60065 is under development and a 2013 publication date is anticipated – a new eighth edition of UL 60065 will follow;
• After consideration of current IEC Standard development activities, it is not desirable to set a new, specific date at this time;
• The original driver to develop our U.S. IEC 60065-based ANSI/UL 60065 standard was harmonization and not motivated by any known safety related issues;
• UL’s public safety mission is maintained with our existing A/V Standards.

UL has established a date of May 1, 2013 as the last date by which we will accept new model submittals to the legacy audio/video standards.  After this date, new models will be evaluated using the requirements of UL 60065.  UL encourages the use of UL 60065 for product evaluations.  Use of the UL 60065 standard will facilitate transition to the UL 62368-1 standard while providing the additional benefit of a single product design that can meet global product safety standards that are based upon IEC Standards.

Requests for alternate components and minor construction changes to products previously Certified to these standards will continue to be accepted beyond this date for a period of time that will be coordinated with the To Be Determined withdrawal date of our existing audio/video standards.

Transition timeline

Revised withdrawal dates for existing standards

As shown below, the withdrawal date for existing UL and CSA Audio/Video Standards has been updated. 

Standard TitleWithdrawal Date
UL 469, fourth editionMusical Instruments and AccessoriesTo be determined
UL 813, seventh editionCommercial Audio EquipmentTo be determined
UL 1492, second editionAudio-Video Products and AccessoriesTo be determined
UL 6500, second editionSafety for Audio/Video and Musical Instrument Apparatus for Household, Commercial and Similar General UseTo be determined

Reviews of Certifications based upon existing standards

UL has previously announced that safety requirements driven by safety related field events or significant changes to existing national regulations may be introduced into our existing standards.  When this occurs, it will be necessary to initiate a review process of our Certifications based upon existing standards.  

Monitoring and Updates

UL will continue to monitor the status of IEC Standard development and implementation with a goal of establishing a definitive withdrawal date of our existing standards.  Please continue to refer to this webpage for updates.

Transition to UL 62368-1

UL 62368-1, First Edition was published on February 17, 2012 and it is based on the first edition of IEC 62368-1.  UL 62368-1 has a product scope which consists of a combination of the existing product scopes of UL 60065 and UL 60950-1.  UL 62368-1 will eventually replace both UL 60065 and UL 60950-1.  In the meantime, in accord with the Applicant’s choosing, new product submittals may be evaluated using all of the requirements in UL 62368-1 First Edition as of the date of publication, together with UL 60065 or UL 60950-1, as applicable .

Specific details related to the implementation of the first edition of UL 62368-1 may be found here.