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UL freut sich, New Science vorzustellen: eine einflussreiche Initiative, die aufzeigt, mit welchen wichtigen Maßnahmen wir für mehr Sicherheit in der Welt sorgen – durch fundamentale Entdeckungen, Testmethoden, Software und Normen in vier Anfangsbereichen.

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Add the ANATEL Mark to Your Telecom Products and Their Batteries Destined for Brazil

And take advantage of streamlined process when combined with the UL Mark

Manufacturers of telecommunications equipment and related batteries seeking to sell their products in both the United States and Brazil can now easily add the ANATEL Mark for Brazil to their UL certification for North America and/or Europe.  The mandatory ANATEL (Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações) Mark indicates compliance with government regulations for telecommunications equipment sold or installed in Brazil.

With authorization from ANATEL, UL can help you manage the ANATEL Mark requirements, which include in-country testing and the appointment of a local representative.  We can ease your access to the rapidly expanding Brazilian telecommunications market - the number of Internet hosts in Latin America grew at a rate of 136 percent* - well ahead of North America (74 percent), Asia (61 percent) and Europe (30 percent) - making Latin America the world's fastest growing Internet market.  This tremendous growth is spearheaded by Brazil and Mexico. 

The Benefits of UL's Combined UL/ANATEL Marks Package

  • Convenient integrated process saves cost and time - Both the ANTAEL and UL Mark(s) for North America and/or Europe can be arranged with just a single point of contact at UL, making this combined package more cost-effective and timely than applying for the two marks separately.

  • Country-specific expertise - UL has considerable experience with the requirements of the Brazilian market and can guide you through the process of meeting ANATEL standards - not only by conducting the relevant tests, but also by advising you on labeling and other related requirements, as well as providing expert guidance to help you achieve product compliance.

  • Customer Confidence - The combination of the legally required ANATEL Mark with the UL Mark, already well recognized as a trustworthy indication of product safety, gives your customers confidence that your products meet the appropriate safety requirements, differentiating them from those of your competitors.  Your representation is backed by UL's global reputation, established over more than a century, for independence, integrity and expertise.

Commonly Asked Questions about the ANATEL Mark

  • What does ANATEL stand for?
    > Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações - Brazil's government-established National Telecommunications Agency, which sets import requirements for telecommunications products.

  • Why do I need the ANATEL Mark?
    > The ANATEL Mark indicates compliance with applicable government regulations, and is mandatory for telecommunications equipment sold or installed in Brazil.

  • Which kinds of products are eligible for this special offer?
    > All telecommunication products and their batteries are eligible for this promotion.

  • What is required for issue of the ANATEL Mark?
    > Products must be tested by an authorized laboratory in Brazil. The company marketing the products must also have an authorized legal representative in the country. For more detailed requirements for your specific products, please contact UL.

  • Can I obtain the certification outside Brazil?
    > No: all the tests must be performed in Brazil; all the documents must be submitted in Portuguese; and the ANATEL expert, who decides on the certification approval, must be registered with CREA (the Brazilian Engineers Association).

  • Can I submit a report from another test program to obtain the certification?
    > No, all the reports needed to obtain ANATEL certification must be issued for the purpose by a Brazilian laboratory.

  • What are the ANATEL labeling requirements?
    > Certified products must be labeled - the labeling shows the EAN Number (issued by the company marketing the product), the Homologation Number (issued by Anatel) and the ANATEL Logo.

  • How long is the certification valid for?
    > This depends on the applicable product category:
    o Category 1: Must be renewed every year;
    o Category 2: Must be renewed every 2 years;
    o Category 3: Renewal is only required if the product is modified or if the applicable ANATEL standard is revised.

    UL engineers can advise you on which category applies to your product.

  • Are there any follow-up service fees associated with obtaining the ANATEL Mark?
    > No, but certification must be renewed on expiry as indicated above.

  • What happens if my product fails?
    > Our engineers will check the lab test reports and close the project with a letter, informing the customer what he has to do to continue the certification process and which tests should be repeated. After this, we will open a new project if the customer wishes to make a fresh attempt to obtain certification.

  • How and when will the lab costs be determined?
    > UL will need to be provided with all product specifications and technical information. After this information is received, our engineers will check and create a Test Requirements specification, listing all tests that need to be performed on the product. At this point, the test costs can be determined.

Contact UL today or send us a request for quotation via UL's online quotation form today for additional information on the ANATEL Mark and related services.

*Source: International Telecommunications Union (2008)