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Die dritte weltweite Jahresstudie von UL – diesmal noch größer und besser – stellt anhand eines breiten Spektrums produktbezogener Aspekte die Verhaltensweisen und die Prioritätssetzung von Herstellern und Verbrauchern einander gegenüber.

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UL freut sich, New Science vorzustellen: eine einflussreiche Initiative, die aufzeigt, mit welchen wichtigen Maßnahmen wir für mehr Sicherheit in der Welt sorgen – durch fundamentale Entdeckungen, Testmethoden, Software und Normen in vier Anfangsbereichen.

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Tausende von Produkten und ihre Komponenten werden jedes Jahr nach unseren strengen Vorschriften geprüft.


Mit Hilfe der Dashboard-Tools von UL können Unternehmen die sich immer weiter entwickelnden Bedürfnisse des Marktes erfüllen – damit arbeiten sie intelligenter, effizienter und schneller als je zuvor.

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Important Changes to UL 60950-1 Certification effective December 2010

Plan ahead with UL for your continued access to the EU market

The second edition of ITE standard, EN 60950-1:2006 will become effective beginning December 2010.  As there are over 50 revised or new clauses in EN 60950-1:2006 (ed. 2) +A11, you should review its impact now to make sure that your products remain compliant for continued European market access.  UL is dedicated to helping you identify any required changes or testing of modified products needed to comply with the revised standard.

Also beginning December 2010, UL will certify new products and/or changes to existing certified products to UL 60950-1 2nd edition. 

To avoid certification delays or challenges to your declarations, UL can guide you through the process of updating your certifications or type approval documentation accordingly.  We can also assist in recertification for holders of CB Test Certificates in order to maintain their validity.

UL's First Transcontinental Mark adds extra value to your certification


When you update your certification or type approval, you may also apply for the UL-EU Mark, which denotes compliance with European EN standards for the safety testing of electrical and electronic components and end products.  The UL-EU Mark, which can be combined with the C-UL-US Mark for North American markets, is offered at no additional testing and evaluation cost* to customers. 

Global Market Access Services

In addition to the UL-EU Mark and CB Scheme, UL offers a comprehensive range of international product test certificates to meet the needs of those selling to different countries, including:  

These marks signify product compliance with applicable safety standards to purchasers, retailers and end users, backed up by UL's century-long reputation for independence, integrity and expertise.  For added convenience, multiple marks may be combined in a single test package under UL's Global Market Access program to keep costs down and speed up time to market.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 60950-1 2nd Edition Update

My product is already 60950-1 certified; why do I need the 2nd Edition?

  • If you market products in the European Union, EN 60950-1 2nd Edition will supersede the 1st Edition with effective from December 1, 2010. Mandatory compliance with EU directives and other EU certifications you may hold will require updating to EN 60950-1 2nd Edition.
  • To align with the EU, UL will also implement CSA/UL 60950-1 2nd Edition on December 1, 2010 for all new product submissions and significant product modifications.

Will this impact my current UL certifications?

  • No, there is no File Review associated with CSA/UL 60950-1 2nd Edition; however to align with the EU, UL will also implement CSA/UL 60950-1 2nd Edition on December 1, 2010 for all new product submissions and significant product modifications. You can find a detailed impact analysis at here

Will my products require redesign to comply with the new requirements?

  • Potentially, depending on the particular product and design features. A detailed review of the revised and new clauses can be seen at here.

The update is only an editorial change, isn't it?

  • No, it is a substantive change - there are over 50 revised or new clauses in the 2nd Edition which require a comprehensive evaluation and issuance of a new report.

Will a test sample be required?

  • Yes, a sample will generally be required for evaluation for 60950-1 recertification.

For detailed information about UL 60950-1 recertification, the CB Scheme, contact your local UL sales team now to learn more about how we can help you.

*Please check with our sales representatives for final terms and conditions.