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UL awards Delta Electronics the world’s first IEC62368-1, Ed. 1 CB certificate for a power supply

Charting out a new certification pathway for high-tech manufacturers

UL recently issued the world’s first IEC62368-1, Ed. 1 CB certificate to Delta Electronics of Taiwan for one of its power supply products -- a milestone in electrical and electronic product certification for Taiwan. The new standard signifies a paradigm shift in product safety from the traditional prescriptive approach to product design.

Delta Electronics’ first for IEC62368-1 is momentous on two fronts:  First, it lays a solid foundation for Delta Electronics‘ future product development and second, it elevates Taiwan’s position in the global supply chain. UL Taiwan is the world’s first qualified CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL) for IEC62368-1 and the certification is a breakthrough for UL in its localization efforts and its drive to promote the electrical and electronic product industry of Greater China.

The new IEC 62368-1 standard covers a wide range of audio/video, information and communication technology (ICT) equipment, from banking equipment such as automatic teller machines; professional audio/video and entertainment equipment; electronic data processing equipment such as computers, monitors and printers; networking equipment such as routers; office equipment such as shredders; to telecommunication network and home communication equipment such as wireless handsets. It also encompasses components and sub-assemblies, such as power supplies used in the above-mentioned equipment. 
It is anticipated that in about five years the new standard will replace the existing legacy standards IEC60950-1 (Information Technology Equipment) and IEC60065 (Audio/Video Equipment). As part of this transition, the corresponding bi-national standard for U.S and Canadian markets, UL/CSA 62368-1, was officially launched in February 2012. 

Not being a merging of the two existing legacy standards, the new standard adopts a hazard-based approach that emphasizes safety design in the early product development phase, and includes increased use of performance-based compliance criteria so as to keep pace with the development of multifunction high-tech devices that include audio, video, information and communication technologies.

Ralph Tang, general manager of UL Taiwan said, “The introduction of IEC62368-1 will have a great impact on research and development in ICT equipment manufacturing, which is a cornerstone industry of Taiwan. That Delta Electronics is the world’s first to obtain the IEC62368-1 certification not only represents its leadership position in branding but also helps foster the development of the supply chain in Taiwan, laying a solid foundation to meet future challenges.”

The new standard will revolutionize the innovation, research and development processes for future audio, video and ICT products. A global leader in power management solutions providing power supply products for various consumer electronics and IT devices, Delta Electronics engaged UL early on to prepare for the new standard, to keep current with standards based on the latest safety science and to strengthen the company’s market position in the supply chain.

“The life cycle of electronics products is very short and product turnover is frequent. Manufacturers who move early to adopt IEC62368-1 may be able to take advantage of the flexibility of the new standard during product design and development. In addition, manufacturers familiar with the new standard will be able to develop a better strategy for the transition of all their existing and new products during the new standard’s implementation over the next five years,” said Kevin Ravo, director for technology, standards and regulations, global high-tech industry, UL.

UL has been actively involved in the development of IEC 62368-1 in the past decade. As the new standard’s knowledge leader it has been assisting high-tech manufacturers who are eager to prepare early for the expected changes. In addition to acquiring the first IEC62368-1 certification, Delta Electronics also has a UL Total Certification Program (TCP) approved client laboratory that has the testing capabilities and resources for IEC62368-1. UL’s solution places manufacturers in Greater China such as Delta at the forefront of the same competitive track as other international players, helping Taiwan’s wider electronics industry remain competitive worldwide.

For more information on the development of IEC 62368-1, please visit or contact Kevin Ravo.