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UL Sustainability Standards

UL Environment certifies products and companies to more than 60 sustainability standards for a range of products, including furniture and furnishings, building materials, cleaning products, paper products, electronics, toys, and chemicals and plastics.

Standards Technical Panel Participants

UL develops sustainability standards for a range of building products and consumer products. All of UL's sustainability standards can be found at and are free to download. UL is seeking applicants to participate on its Standards Technical Panels (STPs), which play an important role in the development and review of UL’s sustainability standards.

An STP is a balanced group representing a cross-section of the stakeholders affected by a product's manufacture, sale and use. STP members are assigned one of eight interest categories: Producer, Supply Chain, Commercial/Industrial User, General Interest, Authority Having Jurisdiction, Government, Testing and Standards Organization or Consumer. Appointments to the panel are made such that no one interest category dominates the panel.

1. UL Standards Development Activities

STPs include:

  • STP 100 on the Sustainability of Gypsum Boards and Panels
  • STP 102 on the Sustainability of Swinging Door Leafs
  • STP 115 on the Sustainability of Thermal Insulation
  • STP 106 on the Sustainability of General Illumination Lighting
  • STP 110 on Mobile Phones
  • STP 2799 on Landfill Waste Diversion for Manufacturing Facilities (e.g., “Zero Waste”)
  • STP 7001 on Household Appliances

UL standards will establish the basis for identifying environmentally preferable products, based on environmental sustainability criteria associated with the product's manufacture, distribution, use, and eventual disposal. The requirements in UL standards will be developed based on the life cycle stages of the associated products.

To read press release associated with each announcement, please visit our newsroom.

2. The duties associated with membership on a UL STP

The responsibilities of a Standards Technical Panel (STP) member include: reviewing and commenting on proposals, voting on proposals when they are advanced to ballot, and assisting in development/modification of proposals or existing requirements. UL's online Collaborative Standards Development System (CSDS) is used for most of these responsibilities. CSDS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to facilitate the member's ability to participate in the standards development process.

STP meetings may be held to discuss proposals or comments. Panel meetings are usually one or two days in length and panels normally do not meet more than twice a year. Attendance at STP meetings is encouraged but not required and no formal voting will be conducted at the meeting.

3. How to Apply for UL STP Membership

If you have any questions about UL’s standards development efforts, or to request an application for membership on one or more of these panels, please email