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Environmental Claim Validations

In a marketplace deluged with unsubstantiated “eco” claims, our environmental claim validations are agents of assurance: they provide independent proof that products are exactly as they claim to be, giving both manufacturers and their customer’s peace of mind.

Get Noticed. Get Recognized. Get Specified

From validating recycled content and bio-based content, to vouching for recyclability or mold resistance, environmental claim validations help manufacturers communicate one or more of their products’ environmentally-preferable attributes clearly and credibly, equipping them with a powerful tool for differentiation in an increasingly cluttered marketplace.

With environmental claim validations from UL Environment, products come armed with third-party proof of their compliance with various green codes, standards, and procurement policies, including the LEED® Green Building Rating System, IgCC, GSA Advantage!®, ASHRAE 189.1, and more. This helps product visibility among key specifiers while driving marketplace demand.

Claims Validated by UL Environment

Recycled Content

UL Environment validates the post-consumer, pre-consumer (post-industrial) or total recycled content of a product by means of auditing

Regional Materials

UL Environment validates the amount of raw materials or total product that is extracted, transported, and manufactured within a regional area (typically within 500 miles) by means of auditing

Rapidly Renewable Content

Validates that a product contains material that has a harvest cycle of less than 10 years.  Examples include bamboo, corn and cork


UL Environment will evaluate a product’s recyclability through testing or auditing

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Content

UL Environment tests the VOC content of products in accordance with standard test methods.  Note these test are only conducted on liquid or aqueous solutions, such as paints, adhesives, sealants, coatings and other similar products


UL Environment validates claims associated with reclamation programs or centers that a manufacturer might have to reclaim used products/materials by means of auditing


UL Environment will test certain products/materials for resistance to microbial growth in accordance with standard test methods

Landfill Waste Diversion

UL Environment will validate a company’s waste diversion claims to a variety of levels through auditing. Click here to learn more

Energy Saving Power Strips

UL Environment will evaluate a power strip’s energy savings through testing

Innovative Claims

UL Environment can provide validation of environmental claims that are new to market or do not have an existing UL protocol. The typical process for non-standard claims includes a preliminary assessment of the proposed environmental claim, an exploration on the potential claim, and development of protocol that can be used to test the product and validate the claim.

UL Environment works closely with manufacturers to tailor the validation process to meet their specific needs and goals. And because environmental claim validations are backed by one of the world’s most trusted names in product safety and certification—UL—customers can feel empowered, making more informed purchasing decisions that help combat greenwashing.

Built on UL’s century-long legacy of trust, UL Environment empowers both manufacturers and purchasers to transform their environmental stewardship into true market leadership. We enable manufacturers to create better products in a more environmentally-responsible way, and enable customers to make smarter, more environmentally-preferable purchasing decisions.

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