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Listing Mark design

The Listing Mark on a product is the only method provided by UL to identify products that are manufactured under UL's certification and Follow-Up Service. Please note that no UL Listing Marks may be applied to any production unless the product investigation has been completed, and UL provides written authorization to apply the UL Mark to the product.

Type R Listing Marks

Prior to printing UL Type R Listing Marks, it is necessary to submit a layout of the Listing Mark to a UL label center for review and authorization. Layouts that are found acceptable will be stamped as acceptable and returned. The Type R Listing Marks may then be printed within the UL authorized manufacturing facility or at an outside UL authorized label supplier.

Please submit the artwork of the UL Mark to the UL label center corresponding to the UL laboratory conducting the product investigation.

Required composition of the UL Type R Listing Mark

The dimensional proportions and downloadable versions of the Security and Signaling Mark are located on the Marks Art page.

The UL Mark has five required elements in the following arrangement:

  • The UL symbol.
  • The word SECURITY or SIGNALING or SECURITY / SIGNALING as appropriate over the UL symbol.
  • The word LISTED below the UL symbol.
  • The appropriate PRODUCT IDENTITY in close proximity to the UL symbol. The Product identity shall be as required on the Listing Mark data page appearing in the UL file describing the product.
  • A four character alphanumeric number assigned by UL, also noted on the Listing Mark data page in the UL file describing the product.

For specific marking information relating to the required marking for the product, refer to the marking requirements.


Product Identity
(Control Number)





Product Identity
(Control Number)


Product Identity
(Control Number)


Type L Listing Marks

For those product categories where Type L labels are required, continue to order the labels though the UL label center as done previously. Type L labels will require, in addition to the above, a UL file number or Listee's name and may include other information. The control number associated with Type R Listing Marks will be replaced with issue or serial numbers that change based on a specific quantity of Listing Marks being ordered.

The manufacturer must submit a copy of their purchase order to a UL label center each time they order labels. In addition, a label layout will be required with the first order of labels and each time the label layout changes. Reorders of a label already authorized by UL will only require a copy of the purchase order. The purchase order must include the name of the UL authorized label dupplier, the UL file and volume number, the specific quantity of labels being ordered, and the company name and address of the authorized manufacturing location that will use the UL labels. Upon successful review of the purchase order and Mark layout, the UL label center will issue an "authorization to manufacture UL Marks" to the authorized label supplier with a copy to the manufacturer and the appropriate UL inspection center. This authorization includes a general description of the UL Mark, the specific quantity of labels being ordered, and the UL issue or serial numbers that will be part of the UL Listing Marks.

Additional markings required by UL

UL requires that additional information be marked on the product such as the Listee's company name, product designation, ratings, etc. These required markings may be provided on the same label containing the UL Mark elements as shown above or on a separate label that will be applied to the product. Some product categories require that these markings be provided on a permanent type of marking and labeling system that has been evaluated by UL against defined environmental conditions and adhesion to specific surfaces.