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New customer registration FAQ

Requirements for new customers in the United States, Canada, and China

The following requirements are mandatory for customers in the US, Canada, and China in order for UL to process a request:

Requests for services should be submitted to Customer Service and must include the applicable documentation indicated below:

Customer location


United States:

Include a signed and dated W9 form.


Include customer Goods and Sales Tax (GST) Number.


Legible copy of Business Registration License

  • What is a W-9?

    A W9 is a tax form which certifies a company's or individual's tax identification number - for use when located and doing business legally in the United States.

  • If we are a United States Government Agency new to UL, do we need to provide you with a W-9?



  • If my business is set up like a sole proprietorship, do you still need a W-9, which would have my social security number as my FEIN?

    Yes - In states where this is the practice, there is no legal issue there.


  • What if I don't know how to get a W9 form?

    You can download one from the IRS here.


  • What is a GST number?

    It is the Goods and Sales Tax Number that Canadian companies get when located and doing business legally in Canada.


  • In Canada, do we have to send UL a specific form?

    No, just the GST number.


  • What is a Business Registration License and what does it look like?

    A license required by the Chinese Government for any company or individual located and doing business in China.


  • If we are located in Hong Kong and Taiwan, do we need a BRL?



  • Is a separate BRL License is required and issued in China for each address and location?

    It really depends on the requirement of the local government department. Here are two scenarios that may help explain:

    1. Company ABC opens a new facility at the new address in the same area (close to each other) and the new address is just for production and it will not issue invoice, normally they do not need a new BRL, but they need to register their new address with their local government dept.
    2. Company ABC opens a new facility at the new address in the same area (close to each other) and the new address has a different name, a new BRL is required.


  • Can UL issue the quote before receiving the required information from our company?



  • If our company has an address in Italy - and a manufacturer in the US, China, or Canada - Then do we need to send UL the W9, BRL, or GST Number for the Manufacturer?

    Yes. We will have the manufacturer sign an L-40 agreement as well as the Applicant, and for identity verification, credit collection and other purposes, we must have the manufacturer's information.


  • What happens if a companies FEIN business name doesn't include the division name or DBA. Does this prevent them from using that name with UL?

    UL requires a W9 or BRL with the legal name - and if there is a DBA involved, it should be stated next to the legal name.

  • What about a company that has multiple company names at the same location? Does UL require a W9 for each of the company names at the same location?

    Yes - if it is a different legal entity, we need a different FEIN.


  • Is a W9 required when setting up a new location that's only going to be acting as a mailing/billing address?