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Architectural Services FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding architectural services

Architectural Services FAQ

Where can I find information on UL certified products?

Information on all UL certified products may be found in the Online Certifications Directory.

How can I find UL certified products that relate to a particular code section?

The UL Code Correlation Database correlates model code section numbers and UL certification and related information. See Code Correlation Database.

Manufacturer's literature indicates a product complies with a UL standard, but the certification cannot be located in the Online Certifications Directory. What does this mean?

There are several possibilities, including the following:

  • The product may have been previously certified by UL, but the certification has since been discontinued.
  • The UL certification may be very recent and is not yet available in the Online Certifications Directory. In this case, the manufacturer should be able to provide documentation from UL confirming the certification.
  • The manufacturer is making a "self-declaration" claim that has not been verified by an independent third party such as UL, and the product would not be considered to be ‘Listed" as defined in NFPA or ICC model codes.
  • The product may be certified by another third party organization using UL's Standards for Safety.

What is the best way to locate UL fire-resistance rated assemblies, such as walls, floor-ceilings, etc.?

There are four ways to find this information:

  • The most effective method is through the use theULtimate Fire Wizard, which can quickly locate fire-resistance rated designs using common search terms and hourly ratings. In a few steps you can find, view, and print out the designs that meet your needs.
  • Designs may be found using the ULOnline Certifications Directory.
  • For those who prefer hard copy documents, use UL Fire Resistance Directory.Order here.
  • Fire-resistance rated designs, along with building materials, fire protection equipment and roofing materials and systems is also available on Fire Directories on CD-ROM.Order here.

How can I obtain an engineering judgment from UL accepting a modification to an existing UL fire-resistance-rated design, system, or assembly?

Any changes to existing designs, systems, and assemblies must be submitted to UL by the sponsor of the design. UL will conduct an engineering study at the request of the design sponsor only. Typically, the design sponsor is the manufacturer of one of the critical design components.

Does UL certify products relating to sustainability and green building design?

Yes, certifications are published in UL's Sustainable Product Guide. This Guide is searchable by sustainable program credits and contains a certificate of compliance, streamlining the verification process and paperwork required for compliance with LEED and other sustainable building programs.

Does UL permit its certification information to be copied and placed on the project plans?

Yes, UL permits and even encourages its certification information to be placed on the project plans. The copyright provisions are shown at the bottom of each page on the Online Certifications Directory and the ULtimate Fire Wizard.

A UL Listed product was modified in the field. Does this void the certification?

An authorized use of the UL Mark is the manufacturer's declaration that the product was manufactured in accordance with all applicable requirements, and was in compliance with those requirements when it was shipped from the factory. When a UL Certified product is modified, retrofitted or altered in any way after it leaves the factory, it is not possible for UL to confirm that the product continues to meet the applicable certification safety requirements unless the field modifications are specifically investigated by UL. It is the responsibility of the code authority to assess the acceptability of the modifications or to determine if the modifications are significant enough to require one of UL's Field Engineering Services staff to evaluate the modified product. UL can assist the code authority in making this determination.

Does UL provide code interpretations?

No. The final interpretation of a particular code section is always the decision of the local code authority. If code authorities have questions about the applications for which products are certified by UL, they can contact UL's Codes and Advisory Services staff. Details here.

Can UL provide manufacturer's installation and operating manuals?

No, the distribution of required installation instructions and manuals for UL certified products is the responsibility of the product manufacturer. Many manufacturers make these manuals available on their websites.

Does UL offer any training courses for architects?

Yes, UL offers training through UL Knowledge Solutions, which offers customized training through a combination of facilitated workshops and online training. Learn More