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Thousands of products and their components are tested to our rigorous requirements every year.


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High Tech

Global component services

Nearly every high tech, consumer electronic, household, industrial, medical and commercial industry relies on components evaluated by UL. UL offers distinctive services that help determine quality, reliability and acceptability of components. Choosing UL as your Global Component Certification provider shows customers your commitment to the highest levels of safety and quality.

UL certified components are included in the most expansive and widely used certification reference materials that customers use when making critical purchasing decisions.

Global component service offerings

North American component certification program

UL's North America component certification program includes two marks.  The traditional UL in a Circle Mark which is intended for end-products and complete components and the backwards "UR" Mark which is for components intended to be installed into another device or product.  UL Listed Components are suitable for both field and factory installations.   UL Recognized Components are suitable for factory installation only since they have conditions of use, also known as Conditions of Acceptability; that need to be met in the end product application.

In addition to UL Recognition and Listing Service for components, UL's Unlisted Component also know as Customized Component  service is provided to end-product manufacturers, rather than component suppliers, for those situations where they have a customized component employed in a specific end-products that is not UL Certified.

UL's Component certification programs create value for end-product manufacturers by eliminating redundant testing and surveillance for the commercially available components employed in their products. It also adds confidence to supply chain integrity by having the component testing and surveillance conducted where the components are manufactured, rather than when they are already being used in an end-product.

The program additionally creates value for component suppliers by providing them with an independent and objective means to demonstrate to end-product manufacturers that their components comply with the applicable component requirements and enables their buyer's access to the information through UL's online certification directories.

Because of the thoroughness and high integrity of UL's Component Certification Program, UL Recognized and Listed Components are readily accepted by other North America and European third-party certification organizations.  Learn more.

International component marks and schemes

In addition to UL's traditional Marks for North America, UL can, through its global footprint, provide services to component suppliers who sell their components beyond the United States and Canada.  Learn more.

Supply chain traceability programs

UL traceability programs add integrity into the supply chain by providing verification that components meet the applicable UL requirements for safety.  The programs also add integrity into the supply chain by providing validation of sub-contractor activities.   These programs provide component suppliers traceability for end-product manufacturers.  These programs include: Fabricated parts, processed wire, PWB assemblies, wiring harnesses, PWB assemblies, high tech assemblies, repackaged program and split inspection program.  Learn more.

Online component information and directories

In addition to traditional hard copy directories, UL provides a wealth of component certification information on-line through its two complimentary online databases of certified components which are indexed and searchable: UL's Online Certifications Database and UL's iQ family of databases.  These databases include valuable information regarding the suppliers who have UL Component certification, including category information, model numbers and ratings. Many end-product manufacturers use this database to verify the certification information of the components they intend to use in their end-product applications, while other users utilize the database to identify potential suppliers of UL Certified Components.  Learn more.