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The UL-EU Mark: A new pan-European Mark for global certification recognition

Access to Europe, Canada and the United States with a single Mark

UL-EU Mark          UL-EU Combined Mark

The global marketplace is changing fast, and consumers, building officials, members of the fire service and insurers more and more are looking for a well-recognized and valuable mark that gives them confidence in the safety of the products they're choosing. Trust in a manufacturer's safety claim is key, and going the extra step to earn a voluntary safety mark to accompany a CE Marking is evidence of a manufacturer's commitment to consumers.

Independent, meaningful and delivering value throughout the entire product distribution chain the UL-EU Mark differentiates both the manufacturers and their products that have earned it in a highly competitive landscape.  Manufacturers can now opt to add the UL-EU Mark in addition to or as a substitute for other voluntary marks to demonstrate their commitment to safety.  The UL-EU Mark indicates a product's compliance with EN safety standards, and products carrying it fall under UL's Follow-Up Services program to determine ongoing conformity with requirements.

Even better news, under UL's Global Market Access program, as the new combined UL Mark for Europe, Canada and the United States is the first transcontinental mark available in UL's portfolio of market-leading certification Marks.  UL is globally recognized as the most respected third-party product safety certification organization in North America, where it has gained the trust of manufacturers, retailers, consumers and regulatory authorities.

The benefits of the UL-EU Mark

  • Greater confidence in the safety of products supplied to the market: the UL-EU Mark gives trustworthy evidence of your commitment to product safety, differentiating your products from those of your competitors.
  • Global Market Access with one product submittal: the UL-EU Mark not only gives you access to all EU markets, but is the first and only European mark that can be combined with certification for the North American market.
  • Reduced number of certification marks appearing on products: Manufacturers seeking the option of reducing the number of certification marks appearing on a product, now have the option of obtaining the UL-EU Mark in combination with the United States and Canada Listing Marks.
  • Global market recognition and added value for your CE Marking : UL's reputation for independence, integrity and high quality, earned over more than a century, has won it the trust of companies and consumers worldwide. Trust in a manufacturer's safety claim is key, and going the extra step to earn a voluntary safety mark to accompany a CE Marking is evidence of a manufacturer's commitment to consumers.
  • Combined Follow-up Service programs: Products with UL EU Mark are automatically included in our Follow-Up Service program. Inspections for UL-EU Mark can only be conducted by UL's own Field Representatives, which translates into the possibility to combine the follow-up visits.

For further information on the UL-EU Mark, contact UL today

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