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Broader and deeper than ever, UL's third annual global study examines manufacturer and consumer concerns and priorities across a wide range of product-related considerations.

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UL is proud to share New Science, a powerful initiative showcasing important ways we are making our world safer through fundamental discovery, testing methodologies, software and standards across five areas.
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Thousands of products and their components are tested to our rigorous requirements every year.


UL's Dashboard tools enable businesses to meet evolving marketplace needs by being smarter, more efficient and faster than ever before.

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Sustainability Quotient (SQ) Program

Sustainability Quotient (UL/SQ) is a comprehensive enterprise-level sustainability program to facilitate the integration of corporate sustainability best practices in enterprises. We deliver services based on a foundation of auditable standards developed in accordance with UL’s rigorous standards development practices. UL’s thoroughness, integrity, and technical expertise makes us a trusted partner, and the UL/SQ Program offers credibility and reputation risk mitigation to aspiring sustainability leaders.

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Assessment Services

More companies are realizing the benefits of incorporating sustainable practices, noting that it can improve the bottom line, mitigate potential risks and build customer loyalty. Despite that recognition, many companies are unsure how to begin or where to focus their current sustainability offerings.

The UL/SQ Program and the standards upon which it is based contribute to a common language and platform for enterprise sustainability. By completing an SQ Readiness Assessment, a company is able to gauge its readiness to progress towards certification against one of UL’s enterprise level standards. Once the assessment is completed, the company receives a detailed report indicating gaps between the enterprise’s existing program and the requirements of the SQ program standard for purposes of certification.

Through UL’s SQ Analytics, companies will be able to get detailed benchmark and gap analysis of their sustainability initiatives as measured against the program standards. This service is best suited for companies that have specific objectives in mind beyond eventual certification such as merger and acquisition assessments or targeted risk mitigation. Learn more.

Supply Chain Support Services

This service provides support to enterprises that seek to use the SQ program and standards as a foundation for how they interact with their supply chain. Supply Chain Support Services can be highly customized to meet specific needs in assessing supply chains from a sustainability perspective. Learn more.


Measuring the progress of corporate sustainability goals and communicating related achievements is difficult. As sustainability becomes integrated into the normal course of business, communication of these targets and goals has a greater importance. Verification of the data used to do so become essential.

The UL/SQ certification requirements are based on standards that cover enterprise sustainability comprehensively through five domains – governance for sustainability, environment, work force, customers and suppliers, and community engagement and human rights. Developed with input from hundreds of stakeholders who provided thousands of comments, UL’s enterprise level standards represent leading thinking on enterprise level sustainability. Learn more.

Recognizing that sustainability is a journey and many companies are in different stages on that voyage, UL offers Focus Area and Full certification.

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