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Broader and deeper than ever, UL's third annual global study examines manufacturer and consumer concerns and priorities across a wide range of product-related considerations.

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Sample and information requirements

Applications to initiate an investigation will be furnished once the following information has been received. Assistance to guide through the process of assembling the information package can be provided upon request. Not all of the following may be applicable depending on the nature of the product being submitted.


A complete description of all components, sub-assemblies and materials used in and on the product including model numbers the component is used with, the component model number, ratings, and existence of any third party certifications.

Control panel

A list of all control panels available and their associated models. Include the manufacturer, model number, input voltages, and indicate if it is UL Listed. .

Exhaust system

One complete exhaust system diagram for each unit.

Fault analysis

A copy of the FMEA or HAZOPS developed for each product in accordance with the safety standard.

Fuel or fluid handling system

One complete fluid handling system diagram for each unit employing a liquid thermal management system. List all fluid system components including the manufacturer's name, model or part number, electrical and mechanical ratings of each component, and indicate if it is UL Listed or Recognized.

Gasket materials

Identification of non-metallic gasket and seal materials by manufacturer's name, compound designation and generic name of material. Indication of any third party certifications and the gas or liquid it will be in contact with.

Insulation systems

Insulation systems shall comply with the requirements of UL1446, the Standard for Safety of Systems of Insulating Materials. Please provide manufacturer and manufacturer's system designation. If not previously evaluated, please provide a complete description of the insulation, windings, and materials for each transformer, coil, motor and generator. This should include the insulation class or system used in the component.

Manufacturer's data

Manufacturer's and third party certification organization's data including test method, schematic diagrams of the test circuits, and description of the test instruments.

Markings / product labels

Drawings of all markings that appear on the product including nameplate and safety markings.

Optional and alternate constructions

A list detailing any variations from the basic construction including product sizes and alternate parts sources.


A list of communication cables, devices, controllers, monitors and software necessary to communicate or control the unit.  The list should also indicate model numbers the peripheral is used with, the peripheral model number, ratings and existence of any third party certifications.


Overall view, electrical enclosures, gas enclosures, open units, breaker box, output connection box, and other appropriate views. Assembly drawings may also be utilized.


Identification of thermoplastic or thermosetting materials in excess of two square inches indicating manufacturer's name, compound designation, and generic name of the material. Indication of any third party certifications, flammability rating and minimum thickness.

Printed wiring boards

Board schematic, parts layout, and foil drawing showing voltage levels for all printed wiring boards that utilize voltages above 60 Volts.

Product designation system

A complete nomenclature breakdown of the reciprocating generator / microturbine assembly model numbering system.

Product information and installation/operating instructions

One copy of any advertising literature, operator, user, or maintenance instructions including those appearing on or attached to shipping containers.


A complete set of product ratings -- electrical, mechanical and environmental.

System diagrams

One copy of the electrical schematics and gas circuit diagrams with wiring and gas flow diagrams for each unique model. Listing or Recognition status of wiring material, AWG wire sizes, style numbers, voltage rating, and temperature ratings. Also, indication of gas pressure, type of gas, and flow rates at full rated load.

If some of the above information is not available at the time of submittal, it may be possible to proceed with the project. However, there may be delays in the evaluation of those tasks related to the missing materials or information.