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Data Native Architecture (DNA)

Product Safety Certification for the 21st Century

UL has been evaluating products and writing safety certification reports for over 118 years. Consequently, UL owns the largest repository of product safety certification data in the world. In 2012 UL launched a pilot focused on unlocking the vast potential contained in this database of technical knowledge.

The pilot, Data Native Architecture (DNA), is experiencing overwhelming success. As a result, UL is extending its reach, offering the DNA process to all UL customers who manufacture and submit electric motors.

What is Motor DNA?

Motor DNA is a simpler, data centric process and report format from UL for motor product safety evaluations. This process and format more readily lends itself to linking, sorting, searching and retrieving which enables referencing previous construction and testing as a means to reduce the burden, turnaround time and cost for future submittals.

Historically, UL's certification reports have been a text- based essay on the safety critical attributes of the product that has been tested and evaluated to UL's published requirements. In practice, technology is an ever evolving continuum. Each new product is built on the technology of the products that came before. That being said, a substantial amount of UL's work has been evaluations of alternate constructions of products that were previously evaluated and certified. With UL's DNA process, we've eliminated the text and simply catalogued and stored the critical data in a searchable, sortable, readily accessible database - unlocking the power of the technical knowledge.

We use your drawings in creating the report and store it in a database. This makes it easier for both the manufacturer and UL to create the report. Using a database now to store reports allows UL to identify key differences between motors and how quickly what testing is necessary. In turn, quicker market access.

I'm a manufacturer, how does this help me?

Faster - for manufacturers that are members of UL's Client test Data Program (CTDP), your total turnaround time, from submittal to certification, will now be less than 48 hours.

Bringing your product to market

Easier - If, like most manufacturers, your next product builds on the technology of the product that came before, leverage the knowledge, simply link to that previous model and reduce or eliminate redundant testing or evaluation.

We speak your language

DNA format allows us to use your drawings, your documents and the actual component names and numbers that you use to identify your components.


Having products stored in a database enables attaching tags or metadata that will enable your customers to shop for your UL certified motors for use in their products.

Example: Show me every UL certified motor manufactured by Acme Motors that is ¼ horsepower, Class F, 120 volts and 3450 RPM.


The DNA process enables UL to more seamlessly function as a collaborative part of your design/development team. Several of the manufacturers with whom we've piloted this process are pre-loading their components; stators, rotors, enclosures, so that they can build a motor as the design progresses and then submit. Others are converting their legacy reports so they can easily clone and link to attributes or components of their previously certified motors.

How much does it cost to submit?

The cost to submit under DNA hasn't changed - unless you also participate in UL's CTDP. When combined with UL's CTDP, the price changes dramatically. Contact for further information.

What is CTDP?

UL's CTDP, Client Test Data Program, is one of a family of offerings under UL's Data Acceptance Program (DAP). Clients are able to generate report information and test data in their own labs, on their own schedule and submit the information to UL for rapid acceptance.

What do I need to do to participate?

Nothing, you can enjoy the benefits of the new process and format immediately. If you want to experience all the benefits, enroll in UL's CTDP, and you'll see the blazing speed and simplified pricing that will transform how you do certification business - AND dramatically reduce time to market!

What information do I need to supply to add new motors?

We've identified the critical motor attributes; provide these drawings and/or specifications and you're ready to submit. If you partner with UL and have your certified lab conduct the testing, you'll send us this information for our review as well.

How is UL able to turn the project around so quickly?

By focusing on the critical attributes and storing test data in an intuitive and consistent manner, we can streamline the process of reviewing the motor construction and test data and pass these savings on to you.

Is this Program open to unlisted component motors?

Yes, as long as the program guidelines are met, manufacturers of unlisted component motors are also able to participate.

I need Canadian coverage; can I participate in this program?

Yes, we can evaluate motors to both US and Canadian requirements using this new process and format. In addition, if your lab is certified as a CTDP lab, we offer a single price model to cover both US and Canadian certifications.


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