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Broader and deeper than ever, UL's third annual global study examines manufacturer and consumer concerns and priorities across a wide range of product-related considerations.

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UL is proud to share New Science, a powerful initiative showcasing important ways we are making our world safer through fundamental discovery, testing methodologies, software and standards across five areas.
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Thousands of products and their components are tested to our rigorous requirements every year.


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UL is a global leader in pool and spa safety certification. Approximately 1,063 pool- and spa-related product investigations were conducted by UL in 2006 and 2007. In one category alone -- Swimming Pool and Spa Luminaires and Forming Shells, WBDT -- over one million labels are affixed to products in the global marketplace each year. Over 600 quality, safety-conscious companies hold product Listings in pool- and spa-related categories today.

Number of labels per year for Luminaires and Forming Shells

 Label quantity
2005  1,396,422
2006 1,079,907
2007 1,158,789

UL has global testing laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art pool and spa testing equipment. Pool, spa and related products are investigated and tested by UL's highly experienced and specialized technical staff. In every product investigation, UL follows these rigorous guidelines:

  • Safety is our first and foremost goal when evaluating products for UL Listing. It is the backbone of our existence, and the reason why we have been the most recognized and trusted resource of product safety, for more than a century.
  • Quick turnaround time is a must in this competitive consumer sector. We take pride in being able to complete projects within 15 days or less.
  • Quality is the reason why authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) accept the UL Mark more than any other. In addition to AHJ, most insurance underwriters, architects and building owners, and federal, state, and municipal authorities request only the Listing and Classification Marks of UL.
  • Business relationships with our clients make them prefer UL, time after time.
  • Consumers are the main reason and direct recipients of every Listed product in the global marketplace. Our respected track record proves this. In fact, CPSC recalls on Listed products are very rare. In one recent time period, the competition had as many as 10 times more CPSC recalls than UL.

In short, UL strives to provide excellence to each and every UL Listed and recognized product in the world. You can view pictures of UL's largest pool and spa test labs in Brea, California.

Pool and spa categories and standards

UL offers certification services for pool, spa and component manufacturers in a variety of pool- and spa-related categories and Standards. Many of these Standards have been developed by UL or by agencies such as ANSI or ASME with the assistance of UL's staff and highly acclaimed primary designated engineers (PDEs). These are the same PDEs that serve on more than 800 international and national standards development committees, and on all 21 National Electric Code (NEC) making panels.

Click below for a quick summary of categories and standards evaluated by UL:


Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act

UL has recently participated in the standard revisions for select pool and spa categories as mandated by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. In conjunction with the standards revisions, UL will be conducting file reviews and new product investigations to evaluate the compliance of pool and spa products. To meet industry needs, the UL Brea office has recently updated its test equipment to comply with the new requirements of the ANSI/ASME A112.19.8-2007. This recent upgrade allows UL to evaluate and test suction fittings to the latest edition of the above ANSI/ASME Standard, and thus, be in full compliance of this mandatory safety act.

For more information on the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act and the related file reviews, contact an account representative in your area or visit Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

To submit a pool and spa product for testing, visit appliancequote.