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LED/Lamp Optical Radiation Testing Capability

UL has well-established expertise in evaluating and testing lasers and LEDs to ensure that radiation-emitting products meet United States FDA (CDRH) and IEC 60825 radiation safety requirements.  Now, UL also has IECEE accreditation to test LEDs/Lamps and issue CB reports to the IEC 62471 and IEC/TR 62471-2 LED/Lamp standards.  This new capability forms part of UL's comprehensive range of optical radiation testing services that cover a wide array of products capable of emitting coherent or incoherent ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation.

LED/Lamp manufacturers use the IEC 62471 standards to assess the radiation of their LEDs/Lamps for potential hazards.  UL can perform the necessary evaluation and work with you to help bring your products into compliance with IEC 62471 & IEC/TR 62471-2.  Depending on the requirements of the end-product UL/IEC Standard, the official combined IEC 62471 & IEC/TR 62471-2 test report can be used to obtain the UL Mark and CB Test Certificate for your end products employing LEDs/Lamps.  CB Reports issued by UL are accepted in more than 50 countries, simplifying market access for certified products by giving international product recognition.

Since future amendments to IEC 60950 and the new IEC 62368 standards will reference IEC 62471 for LED testing, UL's new capability enables you to demonstrate compliance with the most up-to-date requirements for LED radiation at the same time as your normal IEC 60950 or IEC 62368 evaluations.  This IEC 62471 capability can also be used to verify the Risk Group for Standards covering luminaires. 

The Advantages of Using UL's LED / Lamp Testing Services

  • One-Stop Service Package - the new testing services can be bundled with safety, EMC and Global Market Access testing of the end products to simplify the testing process and speed up time to market. Only a single contact point is needed for a tailored set of all relevant tests, depending on your needs and intended markets.
  • Global Recognition - UL's reputation for independence, integrity and high quality, earned over more than a century, has earned it the trust of companies and consumers worldwide. UL's test reports and the UL Mark give your customers greater confidence in the safety of your products.
  • Technical Expertise - UL's test programs are backed up by our extensive global network of fully-equipped test labs, our respected research program, and our highly trained team of experienced technical experts. UL's new IEC 62471 testing service is supported by our vast experience in optical radiation testing to CDRH and IEC 60825 requirements.
  • In-Depth Research - UL has many years of experience in researching test methods for incoherent radiation. We bring the resulting knowledge and expertise into our testing facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions about UL and IEC 62471

What are the optical radiation standards that UL tests to?

  • UL's current services for laser/LED testing cover the testing of lasers and LEDs to ensure that radiation-emitting products meet United States FDA (CDRH) and IEC 60825 radiation safety requirements.
  • In addition to this capability, UL is now accredited by the IECEE to test LEDs and issue reports to the IEC 62471 and IEC/TR 62471-2 LED/Lamp standards.

What is the importance of IEC 62471 compliance for UL customers?

  • Testing to IEC 62471 and IEC/TR 62471-2 LED/Lamp standards enables LED manufacturers to assess the radiation of their LEDs for potential hazards, giving purchasers greater assurance of the safety of their products.
  • In the future, the IEC 60950 and IEC 62368 standards will reference IEC 62471specifically for LED testing, making compliance with these standards essential.

How can UL help you achieve compliance with the IEC 62471 standards?

  • UL can perform product evaluation and testing to determine the classification of the radiation and provide the necessary reports. In addition, UL's experienced engineers can work with you to help resolve any nonconformities and bring your products into compliance.

What are the deliverables from IEC 62471 Testing?

  • Customers will receive a CB test report and Certificate using the official IEC 62471 Test Report Format (TRF), supplemented by the IEC/TR 62471-2 TRF created by UL. Depending on the end product application, customers can use these reports to obtain the UL Mark and CB Test Certificate for their end products.

For further information on IEC 62471 testing, contact UL to learn more about how we can help you.

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