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Omega sprinklers manufactured after June 1996 must be equipped with silicone O-rings

NOTE: This information is from a previously printed press release, newsletter, or other dated document. It is presented here for archival purposes only.

1997: UL has recently learned that Omega "Flow Control sprinklers manufactured between June 1996 and April 1997 by Central Sprinkler Company, Landsdale, Pa., were manufactured with an EPDM (synthetic elastomer) O-ring material that may swell or degrade when subjected to contaminants such as hydrocarbons or sodium silicate "stop leak compounds. This swelling or degrading can cause the sprinkler not to operate at the 5 psi water pressure level required by UL for new sprinklers.

UL has told Central Sprinkler Company that it is essential that it act immediately to inform those property owners in whose buildings Omega "Flow Control model sprinklers are installed that all those model sprinklers should be replaced with silicone O-ring sprinklers, regardless of the piping and the year that the sprinkler was manufactured. UL has been advised that approximately 20,000 of these sprinklers were distributed and are typically installed in libraries, computer rooms and offices.

Previously, Central Sprinkler Company indicated to UL and publicly reported that since June 6, 1996, all Omega type sprinklers " including the "Flow Control model " were manufactured with a silicone O-ring material. Since June 1996, all Omega series sprinklers have been authorized by UL to be manufactured with only silicone O-rings.

UL continues to strongly urge all homeowners and other property owners whose buildings are equipped with Omega series sprinklers " including the "Flow Control model " to have samples of those sprinklers immediately submitted to UL or Central Sprinkler Company for operational testing. Furthermore, UL continues to recommend that Omega sprinklers installed in all types of piping systems, including steel, copper and plastic pipes, be tested to determine that these sprinklers will operate in case of a fire.

UL has a toll-free number " +1-800-758-1794 " to help property owners and building managers arrange for samples of Central Sprinkler Company's Omega series sprinklers to be sent to UL for testing and to provide related information on its ongoing investigation of Omega sprinklers. Callers can speak with a UL representative Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Central time. Sprinkler samples can also be submitted to Central Sprinkler Company for testing. For information, call +1-800- 523-6512.

UL plans to continue its investigation and will work with other testing organizations to develop a common database and study any reports of adverse performance said to be caused by factors other than contamination.

For a copy of this bulletin, or to obtain additional information regarding UL's investigation of Omega sprinklers, visit UL's Web site at, or call Sandy Gentry in Northbrook, Ill., at +1-847-272-8800, ext. 43178.